Enter The Global Business Excellence Awards

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How to Enter

  1. Decide which categories you would like to enter. You may enter a maximum of 5 categories.
  2. Pay your entry fee of £299 + VAT (£358.80) per category entered, or just £249 + VAT (£298.80) per category when you enter 3 or more categories (maximum of 5), by using our secure online form, or by BACs, IBAN or cheque. If paying online please upload your entries and supporting information in PDF format. If paying by BACs, IBAN or cheque simply email entries@gbeawards.com requesting an invoice which must be settled by the entry deadline, and then email your entries and supporting information to entries@gbeawards.com
  3. Once your entry fee has been received, you will automatically be emailed a 2022 nominees’ logo relating to the category you are entering. This can be used on your website and other marketing material. Here’s an example:
  4. Draft a written submission of up to 1,000 words explaining why you should win your chosen categories. This must be in PDF format.
  5. Send your submission to entries@gbeawards.com along with any relevant supporting information such as financial results, press cuttings, customer feedback, market research etc by the entry deadline.

We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions by email and your entry and supporting information will remain confidential, viewed only by the administrators and judges. Winners will be notified within six weeks of the entry deadline.