Global Business Excellence Awards - GBEAs

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Hints & tips for submissions
  • Explain why and how you identified a need for your product / service / change

  • Describe what planning and development went in to the product / service / change

  • What market reaction has there been? (e.g. press coverage, market research reports, industry awards)

  • Please supply proof of success e.g. statistics, financial results, ratios, percentages, ROI etc

  • What are the projections for future market share, distribution, sales volumes?

The following categories are open to private, public and charity sector organisations of all sizes.

Please provide a written submission of up to 1000 words explaining why you should win along with any relevant supporting information. You may enter as many categories as you wish.

The emphasis will be on demonstrable success as measured by financial results or customer / employee / community / investor benefits. Please clearly state all success measures and/or benefits in your entry.

We deliberately do not have rigid category descriptions as this would only serve to stifle business excellence. The purpose of each category below is therefore simply to provide a loose framework for your entry. You are free to interpret each category as you wish - your challenge is to wow the judges with a story about why you stand out from the rest.

Entrants compete against organisations based in the same country. Therefore be sure to specify in which country your principal office is based when applying.


Tell us how you achieved fantastic marketing results and what sets you apart from your competitors. How has your work benefitted your clients? What were the objectives and how did you perform? Open to all organisations across the private and public sector of any size as well as agencies.

  • Outstanding Marketing Campaign
  • Outstanding Public Relations Campaign
  • Outstanding Website
  • Outstanding Blog
  • Outstanding Event
  • Outstanding App


Our judges want to hear your journey, how have you got where you are today and where are you going? How have your skills benefited the organisation and its customers? What makes you stand out? What business challenges have you had to overcome? Open to individuals across the private and public sector.

  • Outstanding Personal Achievement
  • Outstanding New Employee (employed less than 2 years)
  • Outstanding Entrepreneur
  • Outstanding Executive
  • Outstanding Young Executive (under 35 years)
  • Outstanding Non-Executive Director
  • Outstanding Employee
  • Outstanding Professional


Do your teams play a key role in your success? Tell us how they excel and help the organisation to grow and meet its objectives. You can focus on specific projects or the ongoing day-to-day work they deliver at an outstanding level. What makes this group of people special. Open to teams of two or more people across the private and public sector.

  • Outstanding Marketing Team
  • Outstanding Public Relations Team
  • Outstanding IT Team
  • Outstanding HR Team
  • Outstanding Customer Service Team
  • Outstanding Financial Team

Organisation Wide

What makes your business, product or service stand out? Tell us what you set out to achieve and how you have performed. What can your competitors learn from you? What are your staff, customers and the media saying about you? Where are you now and where do you want to be? Open to private and public sector organisations of any size.

  • Outstanding Business
  • Outstanding Fast-Growth Business
  • Outstanding Community Initiative
  • Outstanding Green Initiative
  • Outstanding Employer
  • Outstanding New Product / Service (less than two years old)
  • Outstanding Product / Service
  • Outstanding Innovation
  • Outstanding IT Initiative
  • Outstanding Customer Service Initiative
  • Outstanding HR Initiative
  • Outstanding Financial Initiative
  • Outstanding Educational Service

Global Business Excellence Awards
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